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A weak, frail, and damaged tooth can look unsightly and negatively affect your dental health. At Family Dental Wellness Center in Elkridge, Maryland, Samia Azhar, DDS, has been providing personalized dental services and standard procedures for more than 20 years. A custom dental crown can boost your oral health and enhance the function and appearance of your teeth. If you’re interested in finding out how dental crowns can spruce up your smile, call Family Dental Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?
A dental crown completely covers a weakened or damaged tooth to restore its shape, size, and ideal appearance. It is specially sculpted to the shape and shade of your original tooth.

Why would I need a dental crown?
Dr. Azhar might suggest a dental crown for a number of reasons, including:

  • To restore a cracked, discolored, or severely decayed tooth
  • To hide an oddly shaped tooth
  • To hold a bridge in place 
  • To cover a dental implant

A crown can be both functional and aesthetic in nature, helping you chew, speak, and smile more confidently.

Are there different kinds of crowns?
Crowns can be derived from different dental materials, such as resin, ceramic, or stainless steel. At Family Dental Wellness Center, the team provides the most effective and aesthetically beautiful dental crowns, like porcelain ceramic crowns.

Porcelain ceramic crowns are popular and can tolerate the force of chewing and eating. Porcelain ceramic crowns are especially durable and reliable. They also discreetly blend in with your natural teeth and give you a more natural appearance.

What is involved in a dental crown procedure?
A dental crown procedure usually takes two dental visits. In some instances, only one visit is necessary. Your dentist takes X-rays to evaluate your tooth requiring the crown.

After X-rays and an evaluation, your anesthesia is administered. To make sure your crown attaches securely, Dr. Azhar either files down or builds up your original tooth.

Dr. Azhar creates an impression of your teeth and sends it to a dental lab where a qualified lab technician produces your new custom crown.

You’re given a temporary crown to wear in the interim to protect your tooth until you return to Family Dental Wellness Center, where Dr. Azhar places your permanent crown. Once placed, she seals your crown in place using special dental cement. If you take good care of your dental crown, it can last for about 15 years or longer.

If you think a crown can help you reach your dental health care goals, book your appointment online or call Family Dental Wellness Center today!

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